Wicked Tuna Boats: What Kind of Boats Do They Use on Wicked Tuna?

wicked tuna boats.

Aside from their captains, the Wicked Tuna boats represent the personality and identity of each group of competitors, from the stoic, silent types to the rowdy, boisterous personalities. Whether or not they are playing it up to the cameras, we will never truly know. However, if we want to get down and dirty and look into the specifics of the most popular Wicked Tuna boats as seen on television, then look no further.

If you would like to know what kind of boats are used on Wicked Tuna as well as a few more interesting bits of information, then continue reading!

What Kind of Boats Do They Use on Wicked Tuna?

There are several tuna boats or sportfishing yachts used on Wicked Tuna. From Class 2 yachts to Class 3 superyachts, these fishing vessels have always been ready to make an impact both financially and from an entertainment standpoint.

Listed below are a few of the most notable tuna boats that have graced our televisions in the past 10 seasons of the hit show:

The Falcon - 43’ Torres (approximately $170,000)

The Falcon (also known as the F/V Falcon) is a sport-fishing boat that is owned and operated by Captain Dave Marciano, alongside Mate Joe Marciano and Mate Angelica Marciano.

This boat was used in the TV series for 2 seasons (Season 8 and Season 9) and was eventually replaced by Hard Merchandise for the succeeding seasons (Hard Merchandise was also used throughout the first 7 seasons of the show).

Miss Sambvca - 48’ Ocean Motor Yacht (approximately $180,000)

miss sambvca

The infamous Miss Sambvca (known by early Wicked Tuna watchers as the boat that took in water and almost sank in one of the earlier seasons) is owned and operated by Captain Dave Potter.

Alongside The Hot Tuna, this super sportfishing yacht is the largest boat operated and used to compete in Wicked Tuna.

FV-Tuna.com - 44’ Calvin Beal (approximately $70,000)

The FV-Tuna.com is a sport fishing vessel that is arguably one of the most famous (and uniquely named) fishing boats to ever partake in the Wicked Tuna series. This tuna boat has been owned and operated by Captain Dave Carraro ever since season 1.

This 5-time Wicked Tuna champion has seen its fair share of rough waters and ups and downs in the series and is credited with the largest total amount secured in a single season at approximately $126,000 in Season 3 which was in 2014.

Pinwheel - 45’ Provincial Boat Builders (approximately $300,000)

The Pinwheel is a 45’ sportfishing tuna boat designed and created by Provincial Boat and Marine Ltd. This particular tuna boat is owned and operated by Captain Tyler McLaughlin, who in 2015 was the recipient of the coveted “Prestigious First Responder” award for his heroic efforts in rescuing a sinking vessel (Miss Sambvca) in the year prior.

In the year before that rescue, Pinwheel was able to secure victory in Wicked Tuna, securing a total of $100,861, closely followed by the previously discussed FV-Tuna.com ($96,978). Pinwheel had a series of runner-up wins in the succeeding seasons and returned to championship status in season 7 which aired in 2018.

The Hot Tuna - 48’ Dixon Series 60 Detroit (approximately $300,000)

hot tuna wicked tuna

Considered to be the largest and most expensive sportfishing tuna boat in the Wicked Tuna series, this 48’ Dixon Series 60 Detroit yacht is a big vessel that matches the big personality of its captain - T.J. Ott.

Despite the massive size and value of the boat, however, Hot Tuna has only been able to secure victory once in 10 seasons, specifically in season 9 which aired in 2020, securing first place with $67,854 in tuna sold. Despite only winning once, Hot Tuna and Captain T.J. Ott have always been in the mix and are looking to grab another win in the season to come.

How Big are the Boats on Wicked Tuna?

As seen from the section above, the boats from Wicked Tuna fall under the Class 3 category (greater than 40 feet but less than 60 feet).

However, there are a few notable Wicked Tuna boats that belong to Class 2 (greater than 26 feet but less than 40 feet), such as:

  • The Bounty Hunter - 35' Duffy
  • The Lily - 36' Northern Bay Harpoon Boat
  • Kelly Ann - 35' Maine Downcast
  • Hard Merchandise - 36' Daniels Head Novi Boat

Does Boat Size Matter on Wicked Tuna?

For the TV show, there are no explicitly required boat sizes or specifications to participate in the competition. As long as the boat is a duly registered tuna fishing boat that is at least the recommended size for such a sport (at least 30 feet in length), then the participants are free to utilize whatever boat they please.

However, it has to be noted that fishing for big and mean wicked tuna entails a lot of navigating through the rough seas and wrestling with the tuna for several minutes to several hours just to secure the catch. As such, a bigger, heavier, and longer-sized boat would be better for safety and security purposes.

Where are the Wicked Tuna Boats Docked?

There are 2 main locations where most of the famous Wicked Tuna boats are docked. You can find them in either Cape Ann’s Marina Resort at 7 Seas Wharf (near the Gloucester House) or in Smith Cove on Rocky Neck.

Viewing of these Wicked Tuna boats is based on scheduling tours in advance. If you would like to come and visit the docks mentioned above, make sure to check their respective websites for booking availability, fees, as well as terms and conditions.


Wicked Tuna boats are massive, rugged, and built to withstand the harsh ocean waters, and rightfully so. The sport of hunting tuna is not a lighthearted matter. Aside from a steely heart, a keen eye, and a wise mindset, the captains who popularized the hit TV series are icons with their tuna fishing boats.

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